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On behalf of the Captain Dave Fishing staff, I’d like to give a warm welcome to all readers. Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Dave Hudson. I am the owner and operator of Captain Dave Fishing of which Fishing Maui is a direct subunit. 

Fishing Maui blog arose from a love of fishing in Hawaii and around the Pacific Ocean. This is where we share fishing tips, hunting stories, and how-to guides for various outdoor hobbies.

Having worked for over 35 years in fishing and hunting, I’m delighted to share my adventure stories and local expertise about deep-sea and outdoor destinations with you. If you love to explore nature, you are heading to the right place. Fishing Maui will introduce you to a world of interesting information, breathtaking photographs, and the outdoor lifestyle that we all enjoy. 

In this blog, you can find


 Fishing Maui keeps you up to date on the latest fishing articles, tips, news, gear, and techniques. You’re just relaxing and taking in the tranquil beauty of a Hawaiian beach and the Pacific Ocean for one moment.


This is not just a fishing blog. Hunting news, interesting stories, and magnificent outdoor excursion scenes can all be found here. This category also includes how-to articles and tips. 

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This category takes you on a journey around the world with notable hiking destinations and a wide range of topics regarding magnificent outdoor excursions.