6 Most Useful Tips For Safe Kayak Hunting

Kayak hunting is growing in popularity due to its enormous benefits. Kayaks are lightweight, portable, and easy to access small water and other remote waters. Thanks to kayaks, hunters can go to where other hunters can’t go and have less competition in hunting areas.

However, kayak hunting comes with more risks and unexpected scenarios. To help you plan better for your trip, here are the 6 most helpful tips for safe kayak hunting based on our real experience. 

Check everything before you go

A hunting trip requires careful preparation and organization. Remember to have a checklist of everything you need. You don’t want to feel regretful because you forget something at home, do you? Below are some suggestions for your checklist:

  • Kayak

Before you go on your trip, try out your kayak a few times. Take the time to learn about the kayak’s specifications, such as its maximum weight and capacity. Learn how to control it, how to spin it, and how to paddle it securely.

Tips for safe kayak hunting

  • Hunting gear: 

Kayak hunting necessitates a substantial quantity of equipment. Furthermore, some hunting areas have mandatory hunting kayaks, such as state flags, first-aid supplies, or medicine.

Fill your kayak with everything you’ll need for the morning hunt, as well as your fishing gear and tackle. . Keeping organized your belongings to make sure you can find them in the dark while attempting to remain silent and quiet. 

  • Weather conditions

Kayak hunting can be complicated because we can’t always forecast the weather. As a result, keep an eye on the weather forecast before and during your hunt. Keep track of tidal height, rain volume, and snowfall ability depending on your hunting area. If you’re a first-time hunter in a new location, ask for aid and advice from locals.

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Choose proper hunting gear

To get the most out of your kayak hunting expedition, make sure you dress appropriately. Choose hunting clothing that is appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions of the day. Always have extra clothing on hand to maintain your body’s temperature in the event of inclement weather.

If you’re going hunting in the winter, you’ll need gloves and a hat. There could be a temperature differential between the surface of the water and the temperature beneath it. As a result, if you have to swim or go through the water below 15 degrees Celsius, you need to bring two types of hunting clothing. 

Formulate a careful plan and backup plan

Before your visits, it’s a good idea to make a well-thought-out plan that includes times, hunting locations, and hunting schedules. It’s also one of the most critical tips for safe kayak hunting. When making your plan, keep your surroundings in mind. The more information you have, the better.

6 Most Useful Tips For Safe Kayak Hunting

Outdoor hunting areas include a lot of unknowns. As a result, having a backup plan provides you with additional protection in the event of an emergency. To navigate better in low-light settings, bring a flashlight and a 360-degree light above the front of your kayak.

Keep your gear dry

While on a kayak hunting excursion, try to stay as dry as possible. Some hunting equipment, such as your gun, food, and hunting apparel, must be kept dry. You can reduce the risk by storing your goods in waterproof and floating hunting bags in case they fall overboard. If they get wet, they will most likely retain water, resulting in a higher load and a more difficult paddle. If you go hunting during the winter season, your body will soon lose heat and freeze.

Share your location

Sharing your location with your hunting crew is another piece of advice for safe kayak hunting. It is permissible for you to go hunting alone for a set period of time, but you must always keep someone informed of your whereabouts. It significantly minimizes the risk of being disoriented and drowning in dangerous situations. Use modern devices to keep an eye on each other, such as a smartwatch.

6 Most Useful Tips For Safe Kayak Hunting

You can schedule a check-in time for your team. If no one returns by that time, the remainder of the team will be aware that something has gone wrong and will work to resolve the situation. Self-rescue takes longer than a friend’s rescue. Find a reliable hunting crew to join, and your hunting trips will be a lot more enjoyable. 

Don’t forget a life jacket

Another crucial piece of advice is to always utilize a lifejacket. All kayaks must have a life jacket on board. As you have seen in the movies, life jackets are really useful in emergencies.

Moreover, wearing a life jacket adds an extra layer of hunting gear, keeping your body temperature on chilly days hunting outside. 

Final thought 

Kayak hunting is a great opportunity to get closer to nature, enjoy the fresh atmosphere, and horn your survival skills. Although it is dangerous and hazardous, there are some tips for safe kayak hunting that you can easily follow. 

Plan everything ahead of time, bring enough hunting gear and equipment, and emergency tools for your adventure. Choose a trustworthy hunting crew to join and work on a team. Take these steps, then you’ll soon get addicted to this extreme activity. 

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