Tips On Fishing Gear: Top 10 Necessities For A Boat Fishing Trip

What’s better than a boat fishing trip to escape from the scorching heat in the summer. A day out on the water can help you unwind and relax after a long day at work. However, packing for a boat fishing trip is a daunting task with a run-on list that you hope not to forget anything at home. 

Unfortunately, there is no fixed list of necessities for a boat fishing trip, as it varies depending on the length of your trip, your fishing spot, and weather conditions. To vent your frustration out, we’ve created a list of essentials for both beginners and professional fishermen. 

Small belt bag

Don’t forget to bring a belt bag to keep track of your personal belongings like your smartphone, purse, credit card, personal identity, etc. The best part of a belt bag is that they are lightweight, zippable, and easy to carry. 

necessities for a boat fishing trip

You don’t need to choose a trendy and professional bag. Simply choose a compact bag that fits around your waist and is quick to grab and go in an urgent situation. It’s preferable if your bag is waterproof because fishing on the water is full of twists and turns. In addition, a waterproof bag will keep your stuff protected. 

Spare clothes and gloves

Spare clothing is also featured on a list of necessities for a boat fishing trip. You should bring extra fishing gear, shoes, and a swimsuit with you. Nothing is more inconvenient than having to sit in a soaked garment for an extended period of time. Because you won’t be able to dry your clothes outdoors, bringing extra garments will assure a fun fishing trip. 

Furthermore, after a day in the sun, you will undoubtedly require a dry pair of jeans and a shirt in order to drive home with ease.

Fishing gloves are another requirement for your boat fishing trip. Working on a board necessitates close contact with ropes and halyards. In this case, gloves play an integral role in avoiding hand scratches and protecting fingertips.


Unexpected rain during a boat trip is unavoidable. When it starts to rain, a hat is not enough to protect yourself. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or waterproof jacket. We would suggest the latter, as it is ideal for both warm and cold weather. 

necessities for a boat fishing trip


Sunscreen is a barrier to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun like UV rays. Remember to reapply sunscreen after every two hours to get a good outcome. Depending on your skin type, go for non-oil or milk sunscreen. If you can’t use your hand to apply, spray sunscreen may suit you. 


As you are exposed to much more UV rays than usual, sunglasses are effective items that shield your eyes from splashing water. They also help fishermen stay focused on the task and less distracted due to the reflection of UV rays. 

Polarized sunglasses are favorable. They reduce the amount of glare coming into your eyes and widen your eyesight. 

First aid kit for emergency situations

Keep a basic first aid kit on a boat to deal with emergencies. It includes gauze and bandages to cover scrapes and open wounds. Some medications like aspirin, antibiotics, diarrhea tablets, and painkillers are also a must. Check this kit frequently to make sure you have replaced used items or expired medications.

You can include a few extra items, such as motion sickness pills, especially if this is your first time traveling by boat. Check the condition of your fishing water carefully and ask local residents whether you need to vaccinate for any infectious disease. Insect bites may be more dangerous than you expected. 

A sharp knife

Consider a sharp knife to your belt with a lanyard for added security and safety. The knife is useful for cutting ropes and slicing fish if necessary. Keep in mind that your knife must be covered in a three-inch leather blade and put in a location that is easier to access in an emergency.

Light meal/Snacks

It goes without saying that you should bring food and drink with you. If you don’t have access to an in-cabin refrigerator, make sure it’s well insulated in a portable fridge. Planning your meals ahead of time is a good idea. Make a grocery list with amounts corresponding to the number of people in your fishing crew. You can buy ready-to-cook dishes to save time and effort.

Pack light snacks for a chit and chat at night on the boat will maximize your fishing comfort and excitement. A fishing boat trip is not just about fishing. It is a perfect time to gather together, play board games, and lie down looking at the night sky. 


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