Lahaina, Maui
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Pacific Blue Marlin
1118 lbs.



Reel Hooker is a Tournament equipped 35 foot Bertram, Fast and comfortable.

Equipped with live bait wells. We fish with live bait, dead bait, strip bait and lures. Something for every situation.

Reel Hooker is equipped with Gold Shimano Tiagra 2 speed reels and Penn International reels, from the light, to the big 130's.

Few boats can rival the 15-year production run enjoyed by the Bertram 35 Convertible. For many 35 feet is the ideal size for an offshore convertible short of going into serious debt. This particular MK II model is the top dog who commands all other convertibles to stay on the porch.

    Lahaina News Article about Reel Hooker's Record Catch

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