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Hawaiian Gamefish

There's no point in heading offshore to fish Maui waters if you don't know what you're looking for. Fish travel in schools - now you can get schooled in fish behavior. Click on the names below to get a full description of the species, its range, history and information on how we chase them.

The three different types of marlin that we consistently catch in Hawaii include the Pacific Blue Marlin, the Striped Marlin, and the Pacific Short-nosed Spearfish. Although Sailfish and Black Marlin are caught in Hawaiian waters, it is sometimes rare.

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Other Hawaiian Gamefish

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Other types of game fish regularly caught in Hawaiian waters:

Kawakawa (wavyback bonita) 3-20 lbs. Another strong fighter that eagerly pounces on live baits.

Shibi (bigeye tuna) 3-80 pounds. Caught using a wide variety of techniques including chumming, deep jigging, baiting, and trolling.

Kahala (Amberjack) 15-75 lbs. A shallower water hard fighting bottom fish regularly caught on downriggers.

Ulua (giant Trevally) 15-100 lbs. A big hard fighting bruiser caught down deep on live baits.